5 Golden Rules For Successful Corporate Video Production

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Partnering with a video production company can elevate your business to a new level. Many companies incorporate various aspects of video production to stay competitive within their market. More than any other year, 2014 has been the year of the online video.
According to YouTube, over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month and over 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. In turn, we share videos more than any other form of content.
However, to create a powerful video that engages your audience, you must be direct and get to the point. When a video gets off track, it is likely that you will lose your viewer’s attention. And who can blame them? Modern viewers don’t have much of an appetite for subpar content.

Here are five golden rules for successful corporate video production:

Define Your Success
Here is some heartbreaking news: your product or service won’t appeal to everyone. To remedy this, you have to ensure that your message is tailored to the specific concerns of your audience. While you may not be able to appeal to everybody, you can satisfy the needs of your true audience. It may sound risky to narrow the focus of your message, but, if done right, you will strike the right chord with your audience.

Know Your Audience
Your customer wants to know how you can solve their problems. Many businesses continue to create videos that talk about themselves. You should be putting yourself in the shoes of your consumer. What do the customers care about?
What is your USP (unique selling proposition). Why should people buy from you rather than your competitors? Are you the cheapest? Do you provide a different level of service distinctiveness? Can you turn around your product and ship it quickly? Know what your company stands for and why your customers buy from you
Give the people watching your video something they can relate to, something that let’s them see themselves in your video.

Tell A Story That Makes A Connection
Keep this in mind when you create your next video: almost every purchase decision is an emotional decision. Don Draper, a creative director from AMC’s Mad Men once asserted this poignant truth, “Advertising is based one one thing, happiness. And you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear. It’s a billboard on the side of the road that screams reassurance that whatever you are doing is okay.” Many corporate video productions today are narrations of facts, features, and benefits. Most viewers never get to the end of these videos. If you want your viewers to watch and remember your message then you have to connect with them on an emotional level.

Consider Your Options
When presented with a video production opportunity, many businesses immediately decide to schedule an on-site shoot for their marketing video. I can assure you, this decision requires much more thought!
Admittedly, sometimes on-site shoots make perfect sense; however, there are other video production options such as using motion graphics or repurposing existing marketing assets into marketing videos that can be highly effective and less costly than an on-site video shoot.
Be sure to consider all the risks, costs, and flexibility of the various production methods when determining which production approach will work best for a particular project.

Be Genuine
You might have had a great concept, but that guy in your video? Well, if he’s a bit boring or monotone he could be the reason nobody’s sticking around. When you choose your speaker, keep in mind this fact: they are your first impression with prospects. When casting, consider your speaker’s projected persona, whether they speak with varied intonation, and whether he or she is a great representative of your brand.

When you create an advertising campaign, you should hope to provide your viewer with that split-second “aha!” moment where they completely connect with your brand. To be able to achieve this, you most know your ideal consumer.

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Convert Audio Reel to Reel

Have you ever wondered if there was a way for you to convert your out of date audio reels, cassette tapes, or records into modern day use? You know that record sitting in the attic, just collecting dust, that you and your buddies listened to back in high school but you no longer have the record player that lets you reminisce the good ole’ days. Have no fear because L&R has the ability to bring new life to your music from “back in the day”. It’s really quite simple. L&R will convert your dusty old tapes into a CD or help you download it onto your own computer via an MP3. Having your old tapes in MP3 format allows you to share your music online through your YouTube, Facebook, or email accounts so that all your friends and family have the ability to relive the music. L&R recently had a client who had a disintegrating audio reel that dated back to 1971. The tape was bleeding through since music was recorded on both sides. L&R safety converted both sides of the tape into a CD as the customer left very satisfied. Whatever older form music player you have, L&R would be happy to assist you in bringing your music new life. It’s affordable, easy, and takes relatively no time at all! Contact us for more information.

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Covert Your Old VHS to DVD or YouTube

Are your family home movies living on a format that dates back to the “Stone Ages?” You know what formats I mean; from VHS to 8mm & super 8 tapes. A lot of good they’re doing you stuffed in a drawer somewhere because you no longer have a playback machine that allows you to relive the memories of days gone by. Well the good news is L&R can bring new life to those old recorded memories of yours. It’s really simple. L&R will convert your dusty old tapes into a DVD and or help you to create your very own YouTube channel. A YouTube channel enables you and your entire family to upload current or old videos so that they are readily available for anyone in your family to view and enjoy, no matter where they are in the world. Whatever file format you prefer, L&R will be happy to assist you in bringing those family heirlooms back to life, enabling you to preserve them for future generations. It’s affordable, easy and a relative quick turnaround time, too! Contact us for more information.

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Do Your Homework

OK, so tomorrow’s your big test and you’re not feeling all that confident of how well you’re going to perform on it! Let me ask you what would help you in acing the test? The answer is simple, doing your homework! As business owners one of the biggest challenges we face is knowing our customers likes and dislikes and this includes their media habits. By doing your homework and learning how your customers comsume media, you are able, as a business owner, to craft an effective marketing and advertising campaign to help you ensure the rate of return on your investment. By doing your homework on your customers, you are in a better position to make informed decisions on things like making sure you have the right product and service offering and knowing how to merchandise those products and services to motivate your customers to purchase from you more often. Research, another word for homework, is a must when venturing out into the ever expanding world of choices available to you when it comes to marketing and advertising your business. Today more then ever before, valuable information is available to you on the internet and through organizations in almost any field or subject imaginable. There are companies who make this research readily available, some for free and some for a fee! Hiring a consultant is also an option. One thing for certain is that there are still plenty of challenges that lie ahead of you in running your business. Though it is not a “fail safe” answer, one important step that you can always rely on, is “doing your homework.” This will help you protect your investment, reach the people you want to reach, and lastly grow your business to its full potential and beyond. Thanks for reading our blogs and we welcome your comments. Please be sure to download our free moblie app on our website.

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If It Ain’t Broke……..Break It!

I grew up hearing the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” being shared with me and other people as words of wisdom to live by! And though I’m not convinced of this, maybe there was a time in our history where those words truly made sense and indeed were wise. However, in today’s business climate one of the keys to growth and success is how we manage and implement change, at least in some ways, when running our businesses.
The accleration of change in our society, across the board, is at pace that we have never witnessed in history. And as things change, so do the needs of your clients/customers and subsequently your need to make sure that you keep up with all the changes that are unfolding right before your eyes. Tom Peters, who is one of my favorite business authors, coined the phrase that “there is no such thing as business as usual” anymore and he is so right about that very point. We all have the opportunity to either be reactive or proactive to all the changes unfolding in our society. Another way of putting this is do you want to be riding the current wave to shore or watching that wave crash before you? We can all be assured that this rate of change is going to continue and possibly accelerate even more. Your choice is do you ignore it or embrace it? We recommend you embrace it and one of the ways for you to achieve that is “If it ain’t broke……Break it!”

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Marketing…Do It Yourself?….or Not

Marketing is often an essential element included in most every busniess model. Over the years working with small to mid size businesses there are two scenarios we have most often run into. The first being owners that choose to do their own marketing and the second are owners that choose to engage a professional marketing company. An outcome from the owner who does their own marketing is that it doesn’t provide the rate of return on their investment quickly enough, consequently their efforts fail, and in their mind advertising doesn’t work. {of course, as in everything, there are exceptions to this rule}. An owner who hires a marketing company often gets the benefit and value of all the disciplines and experience that their company offers. Marketing is an ongoing commitment to consistently target new and exisiting customers, starting by market research. This enables you to examine your customer’s media habits among other things. Making an informed decision on how and where to place your investment in media is crucial for any business small or large. The point to all of this is as in anything, doing your homework before investing your hard earned dollars will pay off in the long run.
Thanks for checking out our blogs and please feel free to write us with your feedback. The free L&R app is now live so please download it today.

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Ask Not What Your Customer Can Do For You…..

Ask what you can do for your customer. I don’t know if the same is for you but my experiences at times, as a consumer, are at best, challenging. Many businesses seem to create hurdles, for us the consumer, to doing business with them. The process can be complicated and for that matter even confusing. So I am advocating that you stop the madness, simplify the process with hopes that by doing so you create the experience, for all of your clients, that doing business with you is fun, easy, enjoyable and that they end up receiving just what they wanted at a fair and reasonable investment. You really want to reach out to your clients/customers and demonstrate to them every chance you get that you so appreciate their patronage. You want to help them, every step of the way, when they are doing business with you, to understand that their business means a lot to you and that whatever you can do to make their experience even more enjoyable, you will gladly do. How many times when you are in the process of “consuming” do you get the feeling from the business you are patronizing that they make it seem like you are doing them a favor? When I have that experience, at the very least I am thinking if not saying, Really? Is that the best you can do? Well in my book, it’s just not good enough! You want to bend over backwards, you want to make your client/customer feel that they are incredibly important to you and that you will do all that you can to make sure that they feel “special” every single time they do business with you. It really isn’t that hard to do. You just need to pay attention, be a good listener and oh yeah, care an awful lot about each every customer that crosses your threshold. So with lots of respect to the memory of JFK it really is important every time you have the chance to ask your customer what it is you can do for them and then do it and do it with a big and happy smile on your face!

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The Value of a GREAT! Slogan Line

One very useful marketing tool, to help your business stand out from your competition is simply, yet powerfuly, a great slogan line. Here are a few memorable examples. “I’m Lovin It” McDonalds, “Think Outside The Bun” Taco Bell,” The Best Part Of Waking Up, is Folgers in Your Cup” Folgers, “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand” M&M’s. These tried and true
slogans have etched themselves into the minds of the population and are easily associated with the product or service they represent. How to be creative with them is another story. However, your well crafted slogan has the ability and flexiblity to work well in most, if not all, advertising mediums: a radio jingle, a TV commercial, a compelling print ad or a direct mail piece with a great offer not to mention all of the onine, social media, applications that have become an integral part of a well thought out campaign. A great slogan line is what your audience will remember your product or service by long after they see or hear your ad. Make a lasting impression with everything you do in your advertising and develop a slogan line that will make your business a household name that will last for decades. Thanks for sharing your time with us: we always incourage your feedback, and please stay tuned for our new L&R app.

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Customizing for your Customers

The phrase “one size fits all” and most everything it implies increasingly is becoming a very dated concept. Your customer/client wants and deserves to feel special and that their business to you is a “prize” to be earned and not taken for granted. It is encumbent upon you to always service your client, no matter what service you provide, in ways that addresses the uniqueness of your customer’s business. This requires, on your part, a non-stop effort to learn as much about your client’s business as you possible can. This includes an in-depth knowledge of their product and service offering along with who their competition is and the trends that the industry that they are in are experiencing. Yes, this does mean a lot of work yet certainly not as much work as it takes to go out and replace this client if they decide to work with a competitor of yours because they are not happy with the service you are providing them. One of the incredible advantages we have in this day and age, to stay on top of any and every subject we need to stay on top of, is the internet. As most of you are aware, within a few keystrokes you can access just about any information you want or need to know. All it takes is the initiative to get started and the follow thru to get the job done. The results are usually well worth the effort as it often breeds a loyalty from your customers that is hard to come by in the 21st century business enviroment. So start customizing for your customers and reap the benefits that comes from clients that consider you and your firm an integral part of their team.

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Talk To Your Customer 24/7

The more we can talk and then listen to our customers the better the likelihood we will come to understand their needs. A high percentage of potential customers first come in contact with us by visiting our websites, so if we have the opportunity to speak with them from our website we would most certainly take advantage of the opportunity, right? Video for business websites is becoming more common place and for good reason. It allows us the opportunity to make contact on a more personable and engaging manner.
By producing a video white paper series, or a Q&A series or an introduction to your business, you can educate, answer questions and share your story with potential customers much better than the written word. You have now, in more ways than one, personalized your business. Impart valuable information to guide your website visitors through the process of making an informed decision about any purchase they are considering. You also have the ability to attach a video clip in an email response pertaining to a question they asked or a product they may have inquired about. Consider incorporating video on to your website. Consult with your web provider and a quality production company that will capture your message and start talking to your customer 24/7 today. Thanks for listening and as always look forward to hearing from you.

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