Talk To Your Customer 24/7

The more we can talk and then listen to our customers the better the likelihood we will come to understand their needs. A high percentage of potential customers first come in contact with us by visiting our websites, so if we have the opportunity to speak with them from our website we would most certainly take advantage of the opportunity, right? Video for business websites is becoming more common place and for good reason. It allows us the opportunity to make contact on a more personable and engaging manner.
By producing a video white paper series, or a Q&A series or an introduction to your business, you can educate, answer questions and share your story with potential customers much better than the written word. You have now, in more ways than one, personalized your business. Impart valuable information to guide your website visitors through the process of making an informed decision about any purchase they are considering. You also have the ability to attach a video clip in an email response pertaining to a question they asked or a product they may have inquired about. Consider incorporating video on to your website. Consult with your web provider and a quality production company that will capture your message and start talking to your customer 24/7 today. Thanks for listening and as always look forward to hearing from you.

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