Customizing for your Customers

The phrase “one size fits all” and most everything it implies increasingly is becoming a very dated concept. Your customer/client wants and deserves to feel special and that their business to you is a “prize” to be earned and not taken for granted. It is encumbent upon you to always service your client, no matter what service you provide, in ways that addresses the uniqueness of your customer’s business. This requires, on your part, a non-stop effort to learn as much about your client’s business as you possible can. This includes an in-depth knowledge of their product and service offering along with who their competition is and the trends that the industry that they are in are experiencing. Yes, this does mean a lot of work yet certainly not as much work as it takes to go out and replace this client if they decide to work with a competitor of yours because they are not happy with the service you are providing them. One of the incredible advantages we have in this day and age, to stay on top of any and every subject we need to stay on top of, is the internet. As most of you are aware, within a few keystrokes you can access just about any information you want or need to know. All it takes is the initiative to get started and the follow thru to get the job done. The results are usually well worth the effort as it often breeds a loyalty from your customers that is hard to come by in the 21st century business enviroment. So start customizing for your customers and reap the benefits that comes from clients that consider you and your firm an integral part of their team.

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