The Value of a GREAT! Slogan Line

One very useful marketing tool, to help your business stand out from your competition is simply, yet powerfuly, a great slogan line. Here are a few memorable examples. “I’m Lovin It” McDonalds, “Think Outside The Bun” Taco Bell,” The Best Part Of Waking Up, is Folgers in Your Cup” Folgers, “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand” M&M’s. These tried and true
slogans have etched themselves into the minds of the population and are easily associated with the product or service they represent. How to be creative with them is another story. However, your well crafted slogan has the ability and flexiblity to work well in most, if not all, advertising mediums: a radio jingle, a TV commercial, a compelling print ad or a direct mail piece with a great offer not to mention all of the onine, social media, applications that have become an integral part of a well thought out campaign. A great slogan line is what your audience will remember your product or service by long after they see or hear your ad. Make a lasting impression with everything you do in your advertising and develop a slogan line that will make your business a household name that will last for decades. Thanks for sharing your time with us: we always incourage your feedback, and please stay tuned for our new L&R app.

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