Ask Not What Your Customer Can Do For You…..

Ask what you can do for your customer. I don’t know if the same is for you but my experiences at times, as a consumer, are at best, challenging. Many businesses seem to create hurdles, for us the consumer, to doing business with them. The process can be complicated and for that matter even confusing. So I am advocating that you stop the madness, simplify the process with hopes that by doing so you create the experience, for all of your clients, that doing business with you is fun, easy, enjoyable and that they end up receiving just what they wanted at a fair and reasonable investment. You really want to reach out to your clients/customers and demonstrate to them every chance you get that you so appreciate their patronage. You want to help them, every step of the way, when they are doing business with you, to understand that their business means a lot to you and that whatever you can do to make their experience even more enjoyable, you will gladly do. How many times when you are in the process of “consuming” do you get the feeling from the business you are patronizing that they make it seem like you are doing them a favor? When I have that experience, at the very least I am thinking if not saying, Really? Is that the best you can do? Well in my book, it’s just not good enough! You want to bend over backwards, you want to make your client/customer feel that they are incredibly important to you and that you will do all that you can to make sure that they feel “special” every single time they do business with you. It really isn’t that hard to do. You just need to pay attention, be a good listener and oh yeah, care an awful lot about each every customer that crosses your threshold. So with lots of respect to the memory of JFK it really is important every time you have the chance to ask your customer what it is you can do for them and then do it and do it with a big and happy smile on your face!

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