Marketing…Do It Yourself?….or Not

Marketing is often an essential element included in most every busniess model. Over the years working with small to mid size businesses there are two scenarios we have most often run into. The first being owners that choose to do their own marketing and the second are owners that choose to engage a professional marketing company. An outcome from the owner who does their own marketing is that it doesn’t provide the rate of return on their investment quickly enough, consequently their efforts fail, and in their mind advertising doesn’t work. {of course, as in everything, there are exceptions to this rule}. An owner who hires a marketing company often gets the benefit and value of all the disciplines and experience that their company offers. Marketing is an ongoing commitment to consistently target new and exisiting customers, starting by market research. This enables you to examine your customer’s media habits among other things. Making an informed decision on how and where to place your investment in media is crucial for any business small or large. The point to all of this is as in anything, doing your homework before investing your hard earned dollars will pay off in the long run.
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