Convert Audio Reel to Reel

Have you ever wondered if there was a way for you to convert your out of date audio reels, cassette tapes, or records into modern day use? You know that record sitting in the attic, just collecting dust, that you and your buddies listened to back in high school but you no longer have the record player that lets you reminisce the good ole’ days. Have no fear because L&R has the ability to bring new life to your music from “back in the day”. It’s really quite simple. L&R will convert your dusty old tapes into a CD or help you download it onto your own computer via an MP3. Having your old tapes in MP3 format allows you to share your music online through your YouTube, Facebook, or email accounts so that all your friends and family have the ability to relive the music. L&R recently had a client who had a disintegrating audio reel that dated back to 1971. The tape was bleeding through since music was recorded on both sides. L&R safety converted both sides of the tape into a CD as the customer left very satisfied. Whatever older form music player you have, L&R would be happy to assist you in bringing your music new life. It’s affordable, easy, and takes relatively no time at all! Contact us for more information.

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