Covert Your Old VHS to DVD or YouTube

Are your family home movies living on a format that dates back to the “Stone Ages?” You know what formats I mean; from VHS to 8mm & super 8 tapes. A lot of good they’re doing you stuffed in a drawer somewhere because you no longer have a playback machine that allows you to relive the memories of days gone by. Well the good news is L&R can bring new life to those old recorded memories of yours. It’s really simple. L&R will convert your dusty old tapes into a DVD and or help you to create your very own YouTube channel. A YouTube channel enables you and your entire family to upload current or old videos so that they are readily available for anyone in your family to view and enjoy, no matter where they are in the world. Whatever file format you prefer, L&R will be happy to assist you in bringing those family heirlooms back to life, enabling you to preserve them for future generations. It’s affordable, easy and a relative quick turnaround time, too! Contact us for more information.

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