The Single Best Thing You Can Do

We are asked by our clients on a regular basis what is the best approach to marketing their business. The simple part of our response is, no matter what marketing/advertising vehicle you choose, make sure to BE CONSISTENT. If you hire someone to parade around in a “sandwich” sign then make sure that he or she is out there every single day. If you are going to engage in a direct marketing campaign, don’t for a second think that you can send out one “offering” and your campaign is done. Most direct marketing experts agree that your message needs to be sent out at least 4-6 times a year. In the world of advertising a term that is used is “share of voice” and what that relates to is the percentage of dollars you are spending on any given day in relationship to the percentage of total dollars being spent in advertising on that same day. In most cases with most clients, there is a decimal point in front of that percentage. All the more reason to BE CONSISTENT! I read recently that we are exposed to approximately 7,000 advertising messages a day. Now this number includes everything and anything that has to do with advertising including logos on pens, billboards and busboards and print, radio & TV ads not to mention the barrage of messages we are confronted with when we are online. So if indeed that 7,000 figure is reasonably accurate you need to embrace that this is all the more reason to BE CONSISTENT in your advertising campaign. It will behoove you to do the research to discover what media(s) will be the best for you in targeting your existing and potential client base. There are trained professionals (media buyers) that can most assuredly help you with this and be able to determine for you how you will best see a return of and on investment. But once you have made that determination, with or without the help from a media professional, then take the time to craft your message, launch your campaign and by all means BE CONSISTENT!

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Creating An Audio Legacy

Since the inception of radio and TV advertising, music has been a staple for the majority of companies selling or promoting their products and services. In the early years of radio, broadcasters did not sell air time in small increments as they do today. Back then, advertisiers would sponsor a thirty minute or a one hour program. In the 1930′s, Jell-O sponsored a program featuring Jack Benny and introduced the iconic jingle “J-E-L-L-O”, still being used today. This jingle has been so successful in creating brand awarness it has become Jell-O’s AUDIO LEGACY Call them jingles, sound logos, music images or any other name you wish to associate with these catchy little tunes, and still, music is one of the most successful ways to imbed your brand in the minds of the consumer. With today’s technology transforming how people receive their information, jingles and the clever slogans sung to music can effectively be implemented in the majority of adverstising mediums. When developing an advertising campaign, we encourage you to investigate this very powerful tool. Choose a company that has experience and will work with you to create your…

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