Advertising: The Mouthpiece of Marketing!

You've heard it before.

You know…how some people use the terms "marketing" and "advertising" as if they were one and the same. Well, at risk of preaching to the choir, allow us to make this one vital distinction: advertising is simply the means by which you communicate your marketing strategies and sales offers through the mass media….or any communications medium at all, for that matter.

Which is to say that advertising isn't a substitute for marketing…it's merely one component to an overall marketing program.

At L&R, we understand exactly what advertising can and can't accomplish. We know which medium to use in any given situation, and how best to use it. That's what more than 25 years of active experience will do for you.

Our many advertising services include:

  • Media planning & buying
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Print
  • Billboard
  • Signage
  • Web site development & marketing
  • Direct response marketing
  • Original jingle production
  • In-house radio & TV production facilities

So if you have a product or service that's "new and improved", "free with your next purchase", "available for a limited time only,"…well, you get the idea…L&R is up to the challenge to get the word out, and the customers coming in.

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