Audio Greetings

Sound off with the sound on.

Let L & R Productions give voice to the sentiment behind your gift or award. Capture the imagination of your readers in a magazine insert. Or bring a web page or email to life. We specialize in using digital audio to give power, immediacy, emotional impact – and most of all a distinctive voice – to all your messages. We do it with song, narration, or a combination, as we tap into our broad range of exciting, imaginative audio talent for just the right sound – if you want, we can even add to the impact with video.

We can create an innovative solution to enhance gift cards, sales collateral, advertising and image keepsakes. All of these are more memorable as digital audio transforms what you say from a plain message to an experience.

For audio gift cards, talking picture frames, podcasts, any promotion of your product or service, find your voice with L & R Productions.

Audio Greeting Samples