Branding Your Business

Be True to Your Brand.

Branding comes before marketing. And without establishing a solid and unique brand, marketing becomes that much more difficult.

Your brand consists of the following three elements:

  • Your company name
  • Your slogan
  • And either your company tag line or, better still, a company logo that reflects your "unique positioning statement."

If you are planning to open an Italian restaurant in a market already glutted with Italian restaurants, for example, what's your biggest challenge? First we'll tell you what it's NOT:

  • Coming up with the best happy hour in town
  • Offering off-site catering as a special added incentive
  • Having a larger banquet facility than your competitors
  • Coming up with wildly creative and intriguing radio or TV commercials

So what comes first? So glad you asked:

  • Understanding why you chose to compete in a crowded and non-unique cuisine category;
  • Deciding what makes you unique, different, or better…and if the answer is "nothing," find one overriding quality or point of differentiation before you go any further;
  • Develop a name and logo that reflects your uniqueness and appeals to the market niche you find to have greatest potential
  • Develop a slogan or tag line that will be used in all your marketing that synthesizes your uniqueness
  • And then develop a marketing plan that pulls all those various elements together and remains true to your brand.
  • Branding gives you the power to be perceived in a way that makes people take notice…favorably. At L&R, we help you make the most of the branding experience.

By developing, nurturing, and marketing your brand to its fullest potential.

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