Media Planning and Buying

You take care of your business, we'll handle the reps.

Media plan? Reach and frequency? Target audiences? What do all these terms mean anyway? More fundamentally, how do you know you are getting the best value for your advertising and marketing dollars?

A Partnership for Success

When you're running a business, you know you need to reach out to your customers. But media buying can seem complicated and overwhelming. Whole white papers have been written on how to do it properly. In fact, here's one we wrote.

It's not just that there are so many choices. It's that in today's media-rich world, the right choices change all the time.

Speaking of time, who has it to spare in today's touch economic markets? That's where L & R Productions can help.

Whether it's for a media buy involving traditional outlets such as radio, TV and print – or for the so-called “new media,” such as facebook and Google ads – our clients have trusted L & R Productions for years to help make the right choices that maximize their advertising dollars. It's a great partnership for success.

Media Value Expertise

L & R Production's years of experience planning and managing media buys means that we have great relationships in markets both local and national. We have developed partnerships with reps all over the country that ensure we get good value for our clients. And we often hear about upcoming media promotions and offers before anyone else does.

That means we can take advantage of them to continually review your media plans. We save you time and money with knowledge-based decisions that get you even greater exposure. We negotiate the best value, not just for a particular advertising campaign, but for your long-term success.

You take care of business, as we work with you to make your marketing and advertising campaigns more efficient, and most effective.