Message on Hold

With a Message on Hold Production from L&R,
You Can Razzle, Dazzle, or Just Plain Inform.

It's hard to call any business anymore and not spend at least a few seconds "on hold." And that's best case scenario.

Which means you have a decision to make: how to make the best possible use of that time? Some companies choose to talk about other services they provide, current specials, upcoming events, and so on.

Whatever you decide, L&R can provide the whole package, including:

  • Marketing and/or production consultation;
  • Script development;
  • All audio production services;
  • Even the machine you need to connect your message on hold to your phone system.

For more information, or to kick start your message on hold project, contact L&R.

Message On Hold

L&R's Message on Hold Sampler

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