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The Message, The Market… The Magic!

Radio is still the most personal of all advertising media.

Even more so than direct mail, it speaks "one-on-one" to each customer and prospect tuned in at any given time.

Radio has been called "the theater of the mind," and for good reason…because with the right creative concept…and the right combination of copy, music, sound effects, and other production details…each prospect conjures up his or her own images, which actually makes them part of the commercial. And the more involved the listener, the more likely they are to buy.

At L&R, we write, produce, and record mind-engaging commercials for clients of every size and type…throughout the USA and Canada.

Plus, we make sure your commercials are designed to fully integrate with other elements of your company's marketing program.

Contact us by phone or email today, and find out what kind of radio magic we can produce for you!

In the meantime, listen to selected samples from our radio production portfolio.

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Extend the Reach of Your Message.

ear Your commercials aren't just for radio and TV anymore. Your message can now live longer -- and reach even more people -- via web sites, mobile apps, digital signage, moving billboards and podcasts. With the right strategy and planning, you may even be able to "go viral." Get your jingle or commercial heard and seen by millions around the world!

ear Today's market is always on the move. Talk to us about how we can produce your jingles and radio and TV commercials to show up and capture customers' attention, no matter where they go.