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L&R Productions' "Right Music" program is a proven effective way to increase revenues for you and your clients. L&R Productions, established in 1984, has produced thousands of "Right Music" images for businesses both large and small throughout North America. At L&R, we write, arrange and then produce our "Right Music" images in our in-house, 32-track digital recording studio. Today, as always, we're here to serve you thoroughly, professionally and creatively.


INCREASED REVENUE -With the "Right Music" your clients will see increased results which means you and your sales team will see an increase in client budgets and new business.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE -With an L&R "Right Music" image your clients will be able to better compete on the airways and win!

THE "RIGHT MUSIC" GUARANTEE -L&R guarantees that we will produce a "Right Music" image that meets or exceeds your clients' expectations.

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS -L&R's "Right Music" will ease weekly and monthly copywriting tasks and eliminate the need to find "that elusive piece of music".

NATIONAL QUALITY PRODUCTION -"National" quality with talent from the New York to Boston area for a "Local" investment.

CUSTOM MUSIC /CUSTOM LYRIC -L&R creates each client's "Right Music" image from "note one".

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTING -L&R is available to come to your market, speak to you on the phone, or help you fill out an online survey, to help position and sell the "Right Music". L&R also makes it easy for you to sell the "Right Music" on your own with L&R's "Right Music Creative Survey" and audio demos.

CREATIVE SURVEY -Click here to download L&R's Creative Survey.

FAST TURNAROUND TIME -You'll receive your client's "Right Music" image demo three to four weeks after we receive the completed "Right Music Creative Survey.

UNLIMITED EDITED VERSIONS -Your client will receive as many edited versions (:60's,:30's,:15's,:10's,:5's) of the composition as it will allow.

UNLIMITED LICENSE -Unlimited use of the "Right Music" image within the licensed market area.

INITIAL INVESTMENT -A non-refundable deposit initiates the creative process of your client's "Right Music" image and puts the L&R "Right Music Image Guarantee" into effect.

TOTAL INVESTMENT -Please contact us for details.

MARKET EXCLUSIVITY -L&R can work exclusively for your station(s) in your market. Ask us for details.

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