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What's on TV Tonight?" You Are!

TV is a powerful medium, and now you have the power to take full advantage of everything it has to offer…with the creative and able assistance of L&R Productions.

From scripting and storyboarding to location scouting, prop gathering, and all the many details – large and small – we are your one-stop resource for commercials shot on film or video. And all within your established budget.

Plus, we have our own in-house set and editing suites…not to mention a 32-track all-digital audio production studio. So come to where the action is: L&R Productions.

Miss Wrinkles Tries Psychotherapy

Vanishing Veins "Cover Up"

New Britain Museum of American Art

Pure Coffee

Vanishing Veins-Magic Mirror

The Flatbread Company

Additional TV Commercials L&R Has written and produced.

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Video Production Services

Extend the Reach of Your Message.

ear Your commercials aren't just for radio and TV anymore. Your message can now live longer -- and reach even more people -- via web sites, mobile apps, digital signage, moving billboards and podcasts. With the right strategy and planning, you may even be able to "go viral." Get your jingle or commercial heard and seen by millions around the world!

ear Today's market is always on the move. Talk to us about how we can produce your jingles and radio and TV commercials to show up and capture customers' attention, no matter where they go.